Top 10 Home Carpet Cleaners of 2017

We all have our homes that are carpeted almost everywhere. Even when we don’t want certain areas to be covered with this distinct fabric, still there are places where we need to place the rugs or the carpets to enhance the beauty of the situation. But these carpets also need care and cleaning on the same time. So here is the list from hoovers to Bissell stain cleaners that you need to look out for that made a difference this year.

  1. BISSELL Spotbot Pet

So let’s start our list with some of the easy and hands free solutions of cleaning the carpets that are going to go deep in the fabric and material and make sure nothing is left behind. This cleaning robot is completely portable and is easy to store as well. Since its lightweight on the same time you don’t have to get worried about storing it.

  1. BISSELL DeepClean Essential

But the company isn’t all about giving the tiny robots. If you want to go traditional and also full size, then go for DeepClean Essential which truly is essential for your carpets as it covers all of the large areas and also helps cleaning around the stairs. It also has the stair tool helping you out with the steps.

8.BISSELL DeepClean Premier

BISSELL again is going to fulfil all of your needs if you have kids and pets at your place as this one will clean all of the stains created by them. The infuser inside is going to make sure that all of the odors are also taken out of the air. This one will also help you cover the larger area in a smaller swift.

  1. Hoover SteamVac

And yes an upholstery option for you with Hoover’s SteamVac. It comes with a clean surge feature that actually is going to help you with cleaning all of the floors. The elegant user friendly design alongside its 8 feet wide hose makes sure nothing is left behind as they make the cleaning process easy.

  1. BISSELL SpotClean

BISSELL once again is leading the list because of variety of options and designs they have come up with. These cleaners are for every one and carpet cleaning has never been this easy. This SpotClean version of their cleaners is portable as well and is easy to store also the users have rated it really good than the other robot cleaner.

  1. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe

So just in case if you want something to actually wash and clean your carpet then this definitely is going to be your choice. It is very light in weight so the procedure gets fun rather than a headache and on the same time you can use it on your couches and also the stairs just like the professionals do. The purpose of this machine is to not let any stain remain for more than a minute.

  1. BISSELL SpotClean Professional Portable

As the world is moving forward and the people really prefer something that is lightweight and portable and also easy to store because no one has time to manage and arrange a separate place for the carpet cleaner. This one is going to clean the stairs, clean upholstery and last but not least it is going to reach the areas that are otherwise very hard to reach, say like below your sofa or a table.

  1. BISSELL DeepClean Deluxe

Rated as one of the best pet cleaners in the list and bagging multiple good reviews is the DeepClean deluxe. Reason why it’s in our top 3 is its sleek and futuristic design. It also is designed in a way to clean all of stains by the kids and pets and is also going to get rid of the stains that are otherwise very stubborn.

  1. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

With a little more buck spent than normal you’re going to get the Rug Doctor and what does a doctor do? He makes sure the patient is up and running and is totally fine. You can use this bad guy for the cars and any kind of carpets without really getting worried about the surface as it is going to remove almost any kind of a stain.

  1. BISSELL Big Green

Finally,the best choice suggested by us that is our Big Guy, The Big Green. It has a powerful engine so you don’t have to really get worried about its work power. It also is going to have a stair tool to remove tough stains by the kids and pets and also covers the large areas of carpet. In shorts this is a perfect deal for your money.

Some amazing easy bathroom cleaning hacks

Want some bathroom cleaning hacks that can save you time and money? The cleaning tips in this post can show you how to easily clean your bathroom without having to spend a ton of money on pricey cleaning products.

Shaving cream can polish fixtures

If you have got some chrome bathroom fixtures at home, you can just rub some shaving cream on them. After rubbing in the cream, just polish normally with a damp sponge or rag. Your chrome bathroom fixtures should be sparkling once again.

Use vinegar to clean lime scale

That white stuff that builds on your bathroom fixtures and shower heads is called lime scale, and it is usually caused by the mineral content in your water that has dried up. Just dip those bathroom fixtures, such as a shower head in a bowl of vinegar for several hours, and the lime scale should disappear.

Easy way to defog mirrors

Have mirrors that fog up a lot? Then some shaving cream can actually also polish those bathroom mirrors. Just take some cream and then spread it on the mirror. The using a sponge wet with water you can slowly wipe the cream off of the mirror.

Cleaning a mildew-ridden curtain

For those having some trouble cleaning their shower curtain, which has got a lot of mildew, then there is an easy fix for that. You can actually just put your shower curtain in the washing machine. Regular detergent mixed in with your shower curtain liner should do the trick. Set it to a gentle wash and just leave it until it finishes, your shower curtain liner should be free from mildew when this is done.

Polish your toilet with harsh cleansers

There is no need to get those expensive and harsh bathroom cleaning products if you want to get a shiny and clean-looking toilet. Some Alka seltzer tablets dropped into the bowl will do the trick. When it is all fizzed up and full of bubbles, you can just take a toilet brush and then begin to scrub away. You would not have to subject yourself to the smell or the use of those really nasty cleaning products. Alka Seltzer is way easier on the skin.

Fixing a clogged drain the easy way

Do you have a drain that seems to get clogged all of the time? Well, there is actually a really easy fix for them. You can just get some tablets of Alka Seltzer and then put them down your drain, next pour in some vinegar. Then wait for a while then flush it out with some hot water. Your drain should not be cleared and it should flow properly.

These are just hacks and tips that you can easily follow if you need some way to clean out your bathroom. Anybody can follow these tips, so they sure are easy to try out. And you would find that you would not even have to spend a lot of money on these kinds of cleaning products as well. You most likely already have some vinegar or Alka seltzer lying around at home, so it should not be too hard to follow all of these bathroom cleaning hacks.

Steam Clean Carpets Like The Pros

At Love Steam we wanted to give you an unbeaten carpet care program commences previous to installation and than keep on with the regular vacuuming, maintenance, clean-up and episodic renovation efforts. It calls for utmost care to shield it against wear and tear and the other hazards of every day use.

Here are some implications for upholding your carpets:

1. Vacuuming the carpet repeatedly with a strong suction, rotating brush and tight filter will reduce the soil buildup.

2. Examine the carpet before scrubbing, extracting or spotting for the fact that some carpets are very sensitive to acid type cleaners and lose their color in a great extent while other carpets are sensitive to harsh alkalis.

3. Do not apply strong spotting agents if not required and of course make sure to properly neutralize anything with a super high ph, which makes it an alkaline or high acid cleaners after use. When using carpet spotters be sure and start with the one closest to water at first, then you can move up in harshness after that to be safe with colorfastness.

4. Brushing the spot is not a solution for the cleaning. The correct method to do away with the spot is to rub it towards the middle and then compressing into the cloth by means of brush or the other tamping devices.

5. Going above the recommended mixing solution levels is not going to boost the cleaning efficiency. It will result in residual left which will lead to a rapid re-soiling that thorough vacuuming also can’t eradicate. So, make sure and take absolute attention when using cleaners with soap or detergents especially with a high ph level.

6. Since over wetting can cause brownout, adhesion problems and carpet shrinkage so take care not to make it over wet in a tremendous amount.

7. After cleaning, please ensure your carpet is dried within twelve hours, otherwise mold or mildew may grow on them. Careful use of good ventilation, central heating and air conditioning systems will help the drying process.

8. The ideal way to get a fresh Milk spill out of the light colored carpets is to use a product entitled–Simple Green (It is non-toxic). Just make sure and try and rinse it out as it will leave a nasty residue.

Your carpet will last for a length of time, if clean-up procedure is applied accurately. How often you clean up the carpet will depend on the weather and traffic. Usually, carpets in light traffic region should be cleaned once in a year; in normal traffic areas, once in six months and in heavy traffic areas almost certainly once in a month.


Why Our Cleaning Staff Is Best

Our amazing cleaning staff is the best

Proper training of your cleaning staff not only leads to cleaner buildings, but it also means fewer accidents, faster cleaning times, and a more professional cleaning staff. When we are hiring new employees, you may find candidates with extensive backgrounds in cleaning; however, it is more likely your new – hires will know little about proper cleaning techniques. Proper training is essential to get your employees off on the right foot and to make sure they are getting the work done properly, safely, and efficiently. Keeping the following tips help us keep in mind will help to make sure your employees learn to do their job safely and efficiently.Our amazing cleaning staff is the best

Cleaning workers are the fifth most injured workers in the country, so training your employees properly will keep them on the job and help keep your insurance rates down.

Keep the training focused on the employees and their needs. Training sessions are often in a room with the instructor at the front and the employees seated at tables – this makes it easier for the instructor. Instead, arrange chairs in circles so people can interact with one another. We make sure and keep a back up extraction machine in the building to extract, just in case someone has a spill on the carpet in the training room. If training just one or two employees, use eye contact, ask questions, and get them involved – don’t just give a lecture.

Don’t just demonstrate products. Many cleaning crews only receive training when a new product or piece of equipment is introduced. Make sure to train your employees from start to finish.

Measure the effectiveness of your training. It’s hard to know if your training time was well spent if you do not have some sort of measurement tool. This can be faster cleaning times, lower accident rates, or reduced use of cleaning products and supplies.

Make sure that your training is effective. Do more than have your employees watch a training video and read through a handout. Demonstrate products and techniques and encourage your employees to ask questions if they don’t understand something.

Use the following technique: Tell – Show – Do – Review. – Tell (about each step) – Show (how to perform each step) – Do (each step) – Review (each step)

Training can be boring. Don’t just give employees training manuals or product literature and expect them to read it and then have improved their job performance. Find ways to make training interesting. Demonstrate new products and supplies instead of having employees read about them. Give practical examples of how to be more efficient. Use your knowledge and experience and pass that along to your employees.

Remember, you can learn from your employees. If they have picked up a technique that saves times, money, or makes the job easier, ask them to share that with the rest of your cleaning staff.

Change is not always easy. Training involves changing behaviors and attitudes. The training may involve a new product or piece of equipment or it may be to break bad habits. Either way, employees may be resistant to change. Don’t be surprised when your employees are hesitant to change. Rather, be prepared for this resistance and overcome it with information and statistics about why the change is needed.

The proper training of your cleaning crew is essential – not just to get the job done correctly and efficiently, but also to keep your cleaning crews safe and on the job. Keep your employees interested during training sessions by making the training hands-on and informative. A properly trained staff will lead to buildings that shine and higher profits in your checkbook!

Blood Stain Removal From Carpets

Blood Stain Removal techniques can save your new carpet or your daughter’s dress when they get dirty with blood. It is totally disturbing to see a new carpet or a good clothing getting dirty due to blood. But accidents happen all the time. Unfortunately removing blood stains can be a difficult task.

But don’t worry; follow the blood stain removal procedures below to get rid of those nasty stains!

To remove blood stains you must take necessary steps as soon as possible and apply the correct blood stain removal techniques. The more you wait to act more solidified the blood will get and therefore it will be more difficult to remove. Therefore, try to rinse your carpet as soon as possible if it gets dirty. If you haven’t any detergents, then wash your carpet with cold water.

If you use warm/hot water to wash, there is a chance to set the stain permanently, making it very difficulty (or impossible) to remove those stains even by using the best blood stain removal methods. So you should stick with cold water. This is very important! Put a white paper (or towel) on the cloth to suck the stain. And remember one thing; don’t rub the carpet very hard while washing them in water. It will cause damage to your carpet fiber. The entire blood stain removal process depends on this important advice.

After finishing the primary stage remove the remaining blood stain with a solution of dish washing detergent with cold water. You can notice that we always emphasize the use of cold water instead of warm/hot water. And there is a good reason for that as we saw above. Never use hot water in any stage. All these blood stain removal techniques become useless if the blood stain is set permanently. Now follow the procedure of using detergent for repeated times until the remaining stain is removed.

Never use hot water in these blood stain removal procedures!

Now if you dry the carpet you will see that there are still some spots of blood there. Why does that happen? Shouldn’t these blood stain removal methods work? The answer is simple. No matter how hard you try to clean your carpet, some blood particles will remain in the water and during the drying process they will just get more solidified.

Then how do you get rid of it? To do that you need to follow some certain procedures before drying the carpet. At first you need to rinse the carpet with cold water. You can use a white towel or paper on it and put a heavy load on the clothes. It will help to suck the water from the area. And then try to dry the carpet using a fan as quickly as possible.

You can also use club soda for blood stain removal. Some says it has a good effect on carpets. But never use vinegar because it will help to remove the stain but will damage your carpet permanently. Therefore, be careful to know the dos and don’ts.

And if you can follow these blood stain removal procedures then it can be guaranteed that you can get a carpet without a single spot of stain on it. Just remember the procedures and don’t get panicked. Good luck with all these blood stain removal tips and techniques!

Top 10 Quick Ways to Get Your Laundry Sorted

laurndry tips

Laundry, bored already? Well you definitely be because it’s one of the toughest things one does in his chores and boring too. We all try to avoid it as much as we can just because its sometimes hectic and sometimes takes too much of our time to get sorted. But as they say for every difficulty there is a solution and those solutions are what we have tried to cover in our top 10 quick ways to get your laundry sorted. Follow these and you will be easily going through all of the material that you need to get covered in no time.laurndry tips

  1. Be Quick in Removing Stains

One thing that you need to be sure of is that you need to remove all of the stains and not every stain is going to be of the same kind so you need to be very quick in removing them. So whenever you see something is sticking if nothing is available use water to get it rinsed, why? Because it will reduce your work load later on that’s why.

  1. Get more hampers

Another thing that you need to do is getting more hampers or buckets in which you can easily sort the clothes out to do it even quicker you can divide your hampers into different colors so that they can make you go for them one by one without actually getting worried about what is in them exactly.laurndry hampers

  1. Do Job Properly

Okay it might be a tough deal but there’s no use if you don’t execute it exactly the way it needs to be. This means you need to wash properly and make sure that everything is property rinsed accordingly to the stuff it is made of. And you also need to take care of the temperature for certain clothes once again sorting earlier in hampers will help.

  1. Keep Socks Same

One thing that all of us have to face while doing laundry is trying to find that other sock in the pair so try to keep that minimal use by only a few colors and go for the same brand this way you can easily find that missing sock even when it’s not the correct one.

  1. Be Quick in loading

No matter what be very quick in loading and unloading. Because if you have a basket, you can simply put a cotton blanket in the dryer, and after it’s finished, use the blanket like a satchel and now you can carry all of it with just one trip.

  1. Use Less Detergent

Another bang for the money that can make your laundry days really good is by using as less detergent as possible. Thing is that all of the detergent company’s suggest you use at least a cap full, which is probably because they want you to keep buying more often, but the reality is clothes and their real necessity a smaller amount will do, so save money by all means! We found using half of whats recommended works just as good if not better than using a full cup.

  1. Keep Machine-Clean Rule

The appliance is something that will help you clean things but who will clean it? Obviously it’s going to be you. So after every round whenever you are done you need to make sure that your machine is clean just so there isn’t any rust or any other stain on the block so that you don’t have to go on washing again and again.

  1. Sort Clothes in Wardrobe

You have to be very careful when you fill that cupboard with all of the clothes and use the Front to Back rule. This way you can get the desired dressing out in no time and also you can make sure that which is clean and which might need another wash because it’s been there for a very long time.

  1. Fold and Hang

Please! Laundry is a hectic thing to do for all of us so don’t let it go to a waste try to make sure that you wash and fold the clothes and hang all of the one’s that need hanging. If you do that your clothes might need less washing.

1.Wash Less

Last but not least which you will find funny as well is that you should be washing as less as possible. You could probably wear lots of clothes more than once before you wash.


Cleaning For The 21st Century

The way people clean their homes and what they use to clean them have changed for the better.

Cleaning-which no longer has to happen in the spring-is a good example. In the Victorian era, warmer weather meant you could stop burning coals and start cleaning the blackish coal dust off the furnishings. Today’s methods of steaming laundry are cleaner and don’t require such a dramatic seasonal cleanup.

Pungent cleaning chemicals were introduced in the 1940s for removing tough stains both on white textiles and in ovens. The experience of cleaning was harsh on noses, eyes and throats, but with using hot steam you dont really need the extremely dangerous chemicals.pungent chemicals

Now, more organic and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions are emerging. For dust stains on cotton curtains and drapes, use white vinegar and water to remove discoloration. Shine chrome furniture with cider vinegar, which is also great at removing pet odors.

Pour half a cup each of baking soda and vinegar, followed two minutes later by two quarts of boiling water, down kitchen and bathroom drains to keep them clean. Pour vanilla on a cotton ball, simmer cinnamon in water or use an herbal bouquet for a holiday-scented home.

One of the latest updates is in trash cans. Most Americans begrudgingly take out their trash more than twice a week. More than 50 percent would rather wash dirty, piled-high moldy dishes than take out the trash. Since trash is an inevitable fact of life, it may just be a good idea to invest in a new type of trash can that is durable and more sanitary. For example, a new type of trash can, developed by Magikan, comes with a gently yet unobtrusively scented continuous liner that puts an end to pulling heavy, messy trash bags out and, most importantly, from touching germy, repulsive old garbage.

This new trash can is made from industrial-strength plastic and features a self-sealing lid that eliminates odors and a spill-free rim that ensures that all trash and liquids fall into the garbage bag. This means never having to lift a garbage bag up and out of the trash can again.


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