Blood Stain Removal From Carpets

Blood Stain Removal techniques can save your new carpet or your daughter’s dress when they get dirty with blood. It is totally disturbing to see a new carpet or a good clothing getting dirty due to blood. But accidents happen all the time. Unfortunately removing blood stains can be a difficult task.

But don’t worry; follow the blood stain removal procedures below to get rid of those nasty stains!

To remove blood stains you must take necessary steps as soon as possible and apply the correct blood stain removal techniques. The more you wait to act more solidified the blood will get and therefore it will be more difficult to remove. Therefore, try to rinse your carpet as soon as possible if it gets dirty. If you haven’t any detergents, then wash your carpet with cold water.

If you use warm/hot water to wash, there is a chance to set the stain permanently, making it very difficulty (or impossible) to remove those stains even by using the best blood stain removal methods. So you should stick with cold water. This is very important! Put a white paper (or towel) on the cloth to suck the stain. And remember one thing; don’t rub the carpet very hard while washing them in water. It will cause damage to your carpet fiber. The entire blood stain removal process depends on this important advice.

After finishing the primary stage remove the remaining blood stain with a solution of dish washing detergent with cold water. You can notice that we always emphasize the use of cold water instead of warm/hot water. And there is a good reason for that as we saw above. Never use hot water in any stage. All these blood stain removal techniques become useless if the blood stain is set permanently. Now follow the procedure of using detergent for repeated times until the remaining stain is removed.

Never use hot water in these blood stain removal procedures!

Now if you dry the carpet you will see that there are still some spots of blood there. Why does that happen? Shouldn’t these blood stain removal methods work? The answer is simple. No matter how hard you try to clean your carpet, some blood particles will remain in the water and during the drying process they will just get more solidified.

Then how do you get rid of it? To do that you need to follow some certain procedures before drying the carpet. At first you need to rinse the carpet with cold water. You can use a white towel or paper on it and put a heavy load on the clothes. It will help to suck the water from the area. And then try to dry the carpet using a fan as quickly as possible.

You can also use club soda for blood stain removal. Some says it has a good effect on carpets. But never use vinegar because it will help to remove the stain but will damage your carpet permanently. Therefore, be careful to know the dos and don’ts.

And if you can follow these blood stain removal procedures then it can be guaranteed that you can get a carpet without a single spot of stain on it. Just remember the procedures and don’t get panicked. Good luck with all these blood stain removal tips and techniques!

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