Some amazing easy bathroom cleaning hacks

Want some bathroom cleaning hacks that can save you time and money? The cleaning tips in this post can show you how to easily clean your bathroom without having to spend a ton of money on pricey cleaning products.

Shaving cream can polish fixtures

If you have got some chrome bathroom fixtures at home, you can just rub some shaving cream on them. After rubbing in the cream, just polish normally with a damp sponge or rag. Your chrome bathroom fixtures should be sparkling once again.

Use vinegar to clean lime scale

That white stuff that builds on your bathroom fixtures and shower heads is called lime scale, and it is usually caused by the mineral content in your water that has dried up. Just dip those bathroom fixtures, such as a shower head in a bowl of vinegar for several hours, and the lime scale should disappear.

Easy way to defog mirrors

Have mirrors that fog up a lot? Then some shaving cream can actually also polish those bathroom mirrors. Just take some cream and then spread it on the mirror. The using a sponge wet with water you can slowly wipe the cream off of the mirror.

Cleaning a mildew-ridden curtain

For those having some trouble cleaning their shower curtain, which has got a lot of mildew, then there is an easy fix for that. You can actually just put your shower curtain in the washing machine. Regular detergent mixed in with your shower curtain liner should do the trick. Set it to a gentle wash and just leave it until it finishes, your shower curtain liner should be free from mildew when this is done.

Polish your toilet with harsh cleansers

There is no need to get those expensive and harsh bathroom cleaning products if you want to get a shiny and clean-looking toilet. Some Alka seltzer tablets dropped into the bowl will do the trick. When it is all fizzed up and full of bubbles, you can just take a toilet brush and then begin to scrub away. You would not have to subject yourself to the smell or the use of those really nasty cleaning products. Alka Seltzer is way easier on the skin.

Fixing a clogged drain the easy way

Do you have a drain that seems to get clogged all of the time? Well, there is actually a really easy fix for them. You can just get some tablets of Alka Seltzer and then put them down your drain, next pour in some vinegar. Then wait for a while then flush it out with some hot water. Your drain should not be cleared and it should flow properly.

These are just hacks and tips that you can easily follow if you need some way to clean out your bathroom. Anybody can follow these tips, so they sure are easy to try out. And you would find that you would not even have to spend a lot of money on these kinds of cleaning products as well. You most likely already have some vinegar or Alka seltzer lying around at home, so it should not be too hard to follow all of these bathroom cleaning hacks.

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